Dickie Beau's "Camera Lucida" at Barbican

Using salvaged audio recordings he has edited into digital scripts, Dickie Beau channels extraordinary voices onstage, creating an eerie archive of those who might otherwise be lost, or are no longer living.

A pioneering artist whose work spans theatre, cabaret and mime, Dickie Beau elevates the drag tradition of lip-synching through a performance style known as 'playback'.

Winner of this year's Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, Beau makes his directorial debut and performs in a haunting ensemble piece, inspired in part by the history of image-making and funerary rituals. Atmospheric sound integrates uncannily with physical performance to animate psychedelic scenes that play on questions of presence and absence.

28.10.14 - 8.11.14, 8pm, The Pit

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