Edinburgh Fringe 2019 diary round-up: PopLab

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We CAME (to Edinburgh), we SAW (some things in Edinburgh), and we absolutely CONQUERED (the primary goals we set for ourselves in Edinburgh, which were to have fun and not lose money.)

It was a fantastic month, I’m not gonna lie. We had a baby with us - not my baby, although I am working on changing that narrative. We were welcomed back into Fringe’s bosom with open arms. We were broadcast on national radio and television, and reviewed almost entirely positively (don’t correct me on this if I haven’t seen a sarcy 2 star from a blog.) Ed Byrne, Dara O’Briain and Susan Calman publicly admitted to being fans of us - UNPROMPTED. Edinburgh Gin gave us a month’s supply of free booze just because they liked our show - truly it can’t have been for any “influence” reason because we have few followers and even less of a handle on the trendiest emojis. I watched a comedy show two rows in front of the real-life actual Saoirse Ronan.

And now we’re going on a UK TOUR, from Bridport to Stockton and plenty in between. I am debating starting a behind-the-scenes video journal, although I think it will end up just being Dubsmashes in my hotel room before I take my make-up off.

Announcing the Thewcademy Awards for Edinburgh 2019:

Best baby: Léonie Constance Hilton

Worst silent disco attendee: All of them

Best adapted food: Checkpoint
The haggis scotch egg, to die for. The Caesar salad, light as a dream. The aioli, don’t even.

Worst flyerer in a non-supporting role: The anonymous street team girl who was given a stern talking-to just after this exchange…
Anon., on street, thrusting flyer at Karen, my comedy partner’s mother: “PopLab?”
Karen, so far unimpressed but trying to encourage: “Ooh, well, what’s it like?”
Anon.: “Dunno, not seen it.”
Karen: [stony silence, holding up venue pass indicating she works for said company]
Anon.: “Oh great, can you tell me what it’s about? Are they both women?”
Okay, that last bit was made up but the rest…

Best show: TIE - Mega Drive, Cruel Intentions, Testament of Yootha, Confirmation, Help I Think I Might Be Fabulous, An Evening Without Kate Bush, Dead Funny, 1000 Great Lives, The Ballad of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face, Austentatious, Sex Shells, and Felix and the Scootermen…
In chronological order, everything I saw. No point regretting that I didn’t see more - Fringe is like that.

Worst audience interaction at the post-show meet-and-greet: The attractive but black-souled blonde woman who said this…
Blonde, leaning in too close: “Do you ever do shows in London? I really want to send my boyfriend to see you. Because he would hate it.”
Me: “…Great!”
Blonde: “No, I mean he would love to hate it, does that make sense?”
Me: “…..Maybe don’t send him?!”
Blonde: “No, I mean he would love it, but he wouldn’t want to admit it so he’d pretend he hated it, jowhatimean?”
Me: “…….He doesn’t sound like our audience!”
Blonde: “I don’t think you’re getting it - he’s one of those guys, you know? Haven’t you ever met a guy like that? They love to hate stuff.”
Me: “………Thank you so much for coming!”

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