Matthew is an extraordinarily gifted keyboardist who holds an a.b.r.s.m. grade 8 (distinction) and an advanced performance certificate from Trinity College London.

He has been touring internationally for the best part of a decade, playing everywhere from London’s West End to the sydney opera house, live to millions on BBC Radio 1, and aboard the largest cruise ship in the world (Royal Caribbean).

With a repertoire ranging from classic standards through jazz and folk to contemporary pop, he has provided music for numerous events and weddings, whether as a featured performer, or providing background ambience.

He is also an award-winning composer and arranger, capable of turning any tune into a beautiful piano piece for a special occasion.

“Handing over two of your best loved songs to someone and then asking them to play them perfectly as you walk down the aisle must be a pretty daunting request. Not for one moment did we hesitate in thinking that Matthew could deliver the most heartfelt and sincere performance at our wedding. The arrangements were beautiful and he set the perfect tone for our special day. Simply brilliant!”
— Kirsten, married to Paula on 22 Dec. 2013
When one of you likes heavy rock and the other likes classical music, it can be hard to agree on what music to have! We finally settled on a classical arrangement of a Metallica song. So many people commented on how great his singing and playing was, and what a lovely touch it was to have such a personal song. I would recommend him to anyone!
— Philippa, married to Ben on 22 Aug. 2015

a sensitive musician with years of experience accompanying singers, matthew has played the piano for numerous live performances, masterclasses at the royal academy of music and the actors' centre, and countless auditions and rehearsals.  

Exactly what I look for in an accompanist: phenomenal pianist, conductor and partner, with the ability to match the tone of any event with humour and grace.
— Madeleine MacMahon, singer and actress

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